May 8, 2013

Is Mitt Romney The Father of Gay Marriage? Twenty-Four Reasons Why He Is

7)      Romney refused to support legislation to remove the Justices for the illegal Goodridge decision. After the Goodridge decision, Romney refused to support legislation to remove the four activist Supreme Court judges who issued the illegal Goodridge opinion.  This legislation was based on a procedure – called the Bill of Address – created by the state’s founders just for this type of situation.  Moreover, at least one Justice had violated the Code of Judicial Conduct by appearing at fundraising events for pro-gay marriage groups.

Even though the Bill of Address had been used in the past, Romney publicly opposed the Bill of Address legislation, stating that, “I’m not looking to recall the judges,” while at the same time loudly criticizing them for violating the state constitution:

 And I believe that there should be a separation of powers and responsibilities, and I believe that in this case that the Supreme Judicial Court engaged in legislating.  I believe it was an improper decision on their part…. (22)

If Romney really believed that the state Supreme Court acted improperly as he states, why did he follow their illegal order?  Why did he not join with the 25 state legislators who sponsored or supported the Bill of Address to remove these judges? Incredibly, he never even communicated with the sponsors of the recall bill.

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