May 8, 2013

Is Mitt Romney The Father of Gay Marriage? Twenty-Four Reasons Why He Is

6)      Romney supported Civil Union legislation.  Romney repeatedly promised homosexuals throughout his political career he would support civil union legislation, which  essentially grants all the rights of marriage but without the name.  Romney even told the homosexuals that the semantic game was a ruse.  While being interviewed at a 2002 Log Cabin Club meeting, Romney discussed the gay marriage/civil union issue with the gay group and said:

           Call it whatever you want.  Just don’t use the M-word.(20)

Moreover, by all accounts, Romney spent an inordinate amount of time lobbying legislative leaders to ensure that the 2004 marriage protection initiative contained language that enshrined “civil unions” in the State Constitution.  During this time period, Romney was already making changes throughout Massachusetts government to accommodate homosexual marriage as if the 2004 initiative was Romney’s plan B to appease his homosexual supporters in case it passed.

This would allow him to boast to the pro-family forces that traditional marriage was preserved while at the same time demonstrating to the homosexual community that he was still committed to their agenda. After all, many legal scholars have concluded that once a government recognizes homosexuality for the purpose of granting civil union benefits, homosexual marriage will follow shortly thereafter. It’s the backdoor way to full marriage rights. (21)

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