May 8, 2013

Is Mitt Romney The Father of Gay Marriage? Twenty-Four Reasons Why He Is

8)      Romney advised anti-gay marriage candidates to not campaign on the marriage issue but helped support pro-gay marriage candidates. One anti-gay marriage legislative candidate, Michael Carl, stated that in 2003, “Romney personally told me not to campaign on the issue of homosexual marriage,” adding that I should “stick to the money issues.” (23)

Moreover,  Romney, as reported by the press, “offered political and financial support to two openly gay Republican candidates for state representative in 2004.” One was Richard Babson, a leading same sex marriage advocate who openly ran as a “pro-marriage equality” Republican. The other was Michael Motzkin, who stated “there would be no compromise on my side [regarding gay marriage]” Nevertheless, as reported, “the Romney administration is whole-heartedly supporting Motzkin’s candidacy.” Indeed, both candidates were part of a slate Romney promoted called the “Romney Reform team.” And marriage was apparently one of the issues that would be “reformed.” (24)

Romney also supported out-of-state gay marriage candidates.  In 2003, he endorsed and produced a television campaign spot for Rocky Anderson who ran for Mayor of Salt Lake City.  Anderson was a strong supporter of homosexual marriage and campaigned hard to defeat a state-wide initiative banning same sex marriage.  As mayor, Anderson issued an executive order granting same sex partners all the same benefits enjoyed by married couples making Salt Lake City, of all places, a city where “gay weddings flourish.” (25)

In return, Anderson supported Romney’s 2002 senatorial candidacy perhaps because he knew more about Romney’s true feelings on this issue than the voters Romney has deceived.

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