May 8, 2013

Is Mitt Romney The Father of Gay Marriage? Twenty-Four Reasons Why He Is

13)  Romney relied on a pro-gay marriage attorney to advise him on the Goodridge decision Daniel Winslow was Romney’s chief counsel during the Goodridge decision and has known Romney since at least 1994 when he served as Romney’s counsel for his 1994 US Senate candidacy. Thanks to interviews Winslow gave to the gay media and a questionnaire he answered while campaigning for the state legislature in 2010, it is now clear Winslow was extremely biased toward the homosexual agenda.

So much so, that the Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus, who describes themselves at the “architect for the strategy Securing Marriage Equality,” endorsed Republican Winslow over a liberal Democrat on the basis of his support for gay marriage. One of the reasons, the MGLPC claimed, was this:

Winslow’s history as the Romney attorney that changed our state’s marriage license           wording from ‘Bride and Groom’ to ‘Party A and Party B.’ (32)

Surely, Romney had to know the bias of his own counsel, yet, he didn’t seem to care nor did he ever deviate from following Winslow’s illegal advice regarding Goodridge.

But, it’s worse than that.  Romney valued Winslow’s counsel over the advice given him by some of America’s leading conservative legal experts. For example, an Alliance Defense Fund attorney has acknowledged that they advised Romney to ignore the Goodridge decision since it was legally void. (33) Moreover, a group letter sent to Romney signed by numerous experts gave the same advice.  But Romney had already made his decision to make history for the homosexuals, a decision probably made in his heart years earlier. (34)

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