May 8, 2013

Is Mitt Romney The Father of Gay Marriage? Twenty-Four Reasons Why He Is


3)      Only after Romney knew he was running for national office did he support a state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, while simultaneously implementing homosexual marriage.  When one constituent wrote a letter to Governor Romney asking him to defy the Goodridge court ruling, his response was bizarre. Instead of addressing the issue of defying Goodridge or even being concerned  about the abolition of a 2000 year old western tradition that is the foundation of American culture, Romney wrote,

On a matter of such significance and with such tender sentiment involved, we must show respect and consideration for those with different opinions. There are  real people, including traditional couples, gay couples and children, who are deeply affected by this issue.  (11)

Carefully avoiding any substantive argument about the importance of marriage, and avoiding any mention of his beliefs on this issue, Romney laid the whole issue upon the altar of choice:

We must not forget that at the core of American democracy is the principle that the most fundamental decision in society should ultimately be decided by the people themselves. (12)

 But marriage is part of America’s Judeo-Christian culture; the idea that people have to vote to maintain traditional marriage in order to counter an illegal court decision is ridiculous, but Romney, nevertheless, goes through the motion of appearing as if he were going to fight for this constitutional amendment.   At no time did Romney inform his constituent that the voters would not be able to vote on the pro-marriage amendment until November, 2006, over two years after the date the court gave as the deadline for the legislature to codify the ruling.  Nor did Romney tell his constituent that he had already ordered all town clerks to be trained with the new procedures governing the marrying of homosexuals. He also threatened to fire the clerks if they did not carry out this order.  (13)   It is clear that Romney was already planning for the legalization of homosexual marriage  and was preparing his constituents to accept them by using phrases in his letters such as  “show respect and consideration for … gay couples.”

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