May 8, 2013

Is Mitt Romney The Father of Gay Marriage? Twenty-Four Reasons Why He Is

A letter signed by 44 Massachusetts and national pro-family leaders including the late Paul Weyrich, Sandy Rios, Gary Kreep, Robert Knight, Linda Harvey, Rev. Ted Pike, Peter LaBarbera, Gary Glenn, Brian Camenker, John Haskins, etc., was sent to Romney in December, 2006, urging him to use his power as Governor to reverse himself on homosexual marriage:

We note that you swore no oath to execute court opinions, but rather laws and the constitution…like much of America, many of us accepted as sincere your explanation of your role in this social and constitutional crisis that is fundamentally altering the moral fabric of our culture…we are now forced to look at your role, as constitutional sentry and a gatekeeper of our form of government, in a different light.  We would be greatly disappointed if your principal contribution to history will be imposing homosexual marriage – knowingly or unknowingly, willfully or negligently – in violation of the state constitution you swore to uphold. (4)

There was no response to the letter and Romney continued full speed ahead implementing illegal homosexual marriages, thus creating a precedent that has already led to many other victories for the homosexual movement nationwide.

Even Focus on the Family knew Romney’s actions were illegal. FOTF’s leader for many years, Dr. James Dobson — perhaps America’s most influential evangelical leader — was urged by key advisors to intervene, with one advisor stating that “if Gov. Romney would reverse himself on Goodridge, it would be a very good thing. It might help his presidential ambitions.”  (5)

Romney defenders claim Governor Romney was forced to make a unilateral decision to implement gay marriage.  But there’s no evidence that anyone forced him to do this. This interpretation assumes the judicial branch of government is absolutely supreme over the legislative and executive branches, an arrangement our founding fathers never designed nor intended.

During his gubernatorial term, Romney has had to tread a fine line.  It is obvious that his numerous consultants advised him to move to the right on social issues, especially homosexual marriage, if he had any hope of winning the GOP nomination in 2008.  The record shows that Romney campaigned as a liberal to win the governorship of Massachusetts but governed both as a liberal and a conservative. He was clearly using his governorship to launch a campaign for the presidency so he had to create some kind of a conservative “track record,”  – no matter how phony or tenuous that record might be  — in order to position himself as a conservative presidential candidate.

In order to carry out these conflicting goals, Romney constantly used deception to please both conservatives and liberals. This led to a record on homosexual rights that appears confusing and inconsistent, but such obfuscation served a purpose by allowing Romney to claim little victories for conservatism, albeit phony victories, that would later be used in his future presidential campaigns to claim the conservative mantle.

Due to highly skilled campaign propaganda and an army of image consultants, it takes detective type work to ascertain Romney’s true beliefs.  However, actions speak louder than words so below is a summary of twenty-four actual actions by Romney that demonstrate Romney, in his heart, supported homosexual marriage early on in his career and still does today:   

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