May 8, 2013

Is Mitt Romney The Father of Gay Marriage? Twenty-Four Reasons Why He Is


17)  Romney’s Education Department allowed children to be indoctrinated with books that feature homosexual marriage in violation of parental rights laws.   Even prior to the Goodridge case, Massachusetts was famous for subjecting public school students to pro-homosexual propaganda. Common propaganda tracts were King and King and Who’s in a Family?  In one nationally publicized case, a father named David Parker attempted to remove his son from a Lexington school due to pro-homosexual marriage indoctrination.  He was arrested and charged with trespassing while attending a scheduled meeting with the school principal to discuss this issue.

However, Romney, while always mentioning the Parker case in campaign speeches to conservatives, never lifted a finger to help him even though it was the school in violation of the law, not Parker. The state parental rights law allows parents to opt a child out of any curriculum dealing with sex education and human sexuality issues but Parker was never notified when his son was subjected to the sexuality issues.

Romney could have easily ordered his Department of Education appointee to enforce the parental consent law against the school district in question.  Instead, Romney allowed Parker to slowly twist in the wind while the education bureaucracy brutalized him.  But it wasn’t just the Parker case.  There were numerous violations of the parental consent law by public schools during the Romney era but he never intervened with his own education department.  (40)

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