May 18, 2013

New Voter’s Guide out proving Romney is Still Pro-Abortion!

 2007 to presentRomney continues to support stem-cell research.  Romney says he opposes creating human embryos for research purposes (cloning).  And yet, he supports research on stem cells “obtained from surplus embryos from in-vitro fertilizations,” even though there is no moral distinction between the two. The Republican National Coalition for Life, founded by Phyllis Schlafly, states that “Romney’s claim that he is ‘pro-life’ is belied by his position on the ‘use’ of human embryos for research purposes.”  Carol Tobias of National Right to Life stated, “He’s still in favor of killing new lives that are in existence right now.” (16)







5)  These websites cover the controversy:;;;;

 ;    A video of Romney switching his position can be viewed here:  


7); ABC, 6/14/07,;   

8) National Journal, 02/10/07;  We possess messages from pro-life activists that confirm such conversations with Romney.

9)    To see the actual website for Commonwealth Care during the Romney era that lists “abortion” as a “service” for a $50 co-pay, go here:

10)  Kaiser Family Foundation, “Fact Sheet,” State Estimates of Health Insurance Coverage of Women Ages 18 to 64,”  2003-2004,

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