May 18, 2013

New Voter’s Guide out proving Romney is Still Pro-Abortion!

2006.  Romney’s administration granted  funds to Planned Parenthood to build a new abortion clinic.  In    November, 2006, Romney’s  economic development agency  approved a $5 billion tax-exempt bond for Planned Parenthood to build an abortion clinic in Worchester.  Romney claims he “was not aware” of what  his own appointees were doing, but this begs the question: If Romney is unable or unwilling to control what his own appointees do when it comes to abortion- related decisions, why would things be different if he were  president?    (12)

2006. Romney made no effort to oppose Planned Parenthood’s radical sex-ed bill.  Romney’s refusal to use his power as governor to help with pro-life issues is echoed by Ray Neary, the director of Pro-Life Massachusetts. In 2006, he issued this statement:  “Since his election as governor, he has not lifted a finger to allow one single unborn child the breath of our environment, and his posture has been to stay aloof from a messy issue. The Romney record in support of our efforts in this state is zero…there’s no evidence of a Damascus experience by Mitt Romney on abortion…On the Opt-in rather than Opt-out issue regarding sex education, while low-level personnel were always pleasant, it was impossible to get an appointment with a single [Romney] staffer to discuss the ramifications of the mandated Sex Ed core curriculum proposed by Planned Parenthood (H1641).”  This 2006 bill never made it to Romney’s desk for a number of non-ideological reasons, but Romney never spoke against it nor used his power to lobby legislators about it. (13)

 2007.  Romney opposed legislation to save Terri Schiavo.  During the 2008 presidential election, when Romney was questioned about congressional efforts to save the life of Terri Schiavo, he responded, “I think it’s probably best to leave these kinds of matters in the hands of the courts.”   Then he said, “I generally think that it’s not a good idea for courts to legislate. Nor is it a great idea for the legislature to adjudicate in a specific circumstance.”  In others words, let Terry Schiavo die.  (14)

 2007.  Romney refused to state his position on laws that require ultrasound screenings before abortions.  While campaigning in South Carolina, a reporter asked Romney about his position on the pending ultrasound bill, but all he said was: “I would like to see each state be able to make its own law with regards to abortion.”  Does he really think such a bill is that controversial?  (15)

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